“The Task of a Leader is to get his people from where they are …to where they have not been.”
-Henry Kissinger.

Effective working environments need to be led by excellent leaders and no matter how talented individuals may be there are occasions when teams do not gel, even exceptional leaders require further support, or challenge, and colleagues need an external input to feel empowered.

At DLB we work with you to understand the needs of your organisation. We listen to what you think is successful and then devise CPD aimed at addressing the aspects which are not functioning as effectively as you might wish. We also provide important external endorsement of the strengths of your establishment, so that you can market these to prospective clients.

We respect and empathise with your ambitions and are resilient in ensuring that you achieve your desired aims.

DLB understands the Professional characteristics shown by outstanding leaders and has worked with teams within schools and other organisations to help create critical support structures that maximise the potential within.

With our collective experience we acknowledge that one response does not fit all but we are also clear about the common denominators which exist within effective organisations. We know that Optimistic, enthusiastic and curious people are a joy to be with and impact on change far more readily if they are trusted and share a vision emanating from the leaders within their organisations.

It is our view that distributed leadership is more successful than autocracy but that consistent and fair accountability is vital to impact on performance and for environments and individuals to flourish.

DLB Leadership Associates know that leaders exist at all levels of an organisation and that the most successful possess many of the following attributes outlined by McKinsey:

  • Collaborate
  • Focus on learning, achievement and people.
  • Possess emotional intelligence

  • Spot talent,
  • Provide others with a chance to lead and then provide proper feedback, understanding that leading in different contexts requires specific skills.
  • Provide opportunities for research and challenge thinking but they also provide the time to reflect.

Whether you wish our consultants to identify new leaders for your organisation, or enhance the skills of those already employed, we shall develop bespoke programmes which ensure that you deliver your aims, whilst hopefully providing your employees with renewed enthusiasm alongside the appropriate work life balance.


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